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Whether your priorities are wide-open swim areas, spots for sitting and socializing or sport-bottom depths for water aerobics and games, you can find the combination of features that’s right for your family in a fiberglass pool design.

A fiberglass pool by Thursday Pools is the natural choice for all seasons and climates. Using a composite flexible material that adapts to the changing seasons. Fiberglass pools take less time to install than other types of inground pools. This means you can start enjoying your pool faster.

Thursday Pools designs often feature wide-open steps, spacious tanning ledges, wrap-around benches and deep-end swim-outs. Installation takes around three weeks and prices range from $79,000-$95,000 depending on model, size, and options. 

Thursday Pools Gallery

The options for Thursday Pools design are almost endless, but here are some of our top sellers. All pools include: 3’ concrete (broomed finish) perimeter, Pentair 3HP Variable Speed Pump, Pentair Sand Filter, Pentair 250 BTU Heater, Automatic Chlorinator, Equipment Pump Pad, Pentair LED Lights, and Pool Cleaning Equipment.


12’x25’ starting at $70,910.00
14’x30’ starting at $76,940.00
14’x35’ starting at $79,530.00
16’x35’ starting at $85,710.00
16’x40’ starting at $93,540.00


14’x36’ starting at $82,900.00
16’x36’ starting at $91,050.00
16’x40’ starting at $97,400.00


16’x40’ starting at $92,200.00


12’x25’ starting at $68,300.00
14’x29’ starting at $71,850.00
14’x33’ starting at $74,850.00
16’x33’ starting at $79,730.00
16’x37’ starting at $83,435.00
16’x41’ starting at $88,180.00

Cathedral and Cathedral LX

Cathedral: 14’x33’ starting at $73,150.00
Cathedral LX: 16’x36’ starting at $86,715.00, 16’x40’ starting at $90,940.00

Lil’ Bob and Lil’ Bob LX

Lil’ Bob: 13.5’x27.5’ starting at $62,100.00
Lil’ Bob LX: 13.5’x35.5’ starting at $75,925.00

Sun Day

15’x30’ starting at $80,815.00
16’x34’ starting at $87,950.00
starting at $94,700.00


16’x36’ starting at $90,150.00
16’x40’ starting at $97,400.00

Sandal Beach Entry

16’x34.5’ starting at $95,300.000
16’x39’ starting at $102,325.00

Sea Turtle

9.5’x19.5’ starting at $56,665.00

Spa and Wet Deck

9’x9′ Spa starting at $32,500
Grand Spa starting at $46,500
14’x8′ Wet Deck starting at $11,500


13.5×40 starting at $80,500.00 


12×26 starting at $65,330.00
14×33 starting at $70,550.00 


15×25 starting at $61,965.00


Automatic Pool Cover
  • Undertrack starting at $18,500.00
  • Top Track starting at $17,250.00 
Mesh/Solid Cover
  • Starting at $3,500.00
Salt Cell Generator
  • Intellichlor IC40: $1,695.60 
Water Features
  • Bubblers: $500.00
  • LED Bubblers: $2,100.00
  • Laminars: $1,965.00
  • Deck Jets: $595.00
  • Firebowls: Starting at $2,500.00
  • Fire/Water Bowls starting at $3,000.00
  • Waterfall starting at $1,750.00* 
Additional Costs
  • Water truck delivery
  • Licensed electrician to wire pool equipment and lights
  • Licensed plumber to hook up gas line for heater
Heat/Chill Pump
  •  $4,055.00**
Automatic Pool Vacuum***
  • M600: $1,723.15
  • M400: $1,278.29 
Additional Features
  • Diving Board starting at $2,450.00
  • S.R. Smith Turbo Twist: $7,101.50
  • S.R. Smith Typhoon Slide: $5,540.00
  • Dunn Rite Basketball Hoop: $1,235.50
  • Dunn Rite Volleyball Net: $1,220.50
  • Dunn Rite Basketball/Volleyball Combo: $1861.50
  • Pentair IntelliCenter: $5000.00
*Stone and labor not included
**In addition to the cost of Pentair 250k heater in contract
***Vacuums include a 20% Epic Loyalty discount